Hello, my name is Viveca Sahlin.

Started with scrimshaw 1994 , "still going strong" and loves my work.

I make my scrimshaw with dots and tiny scratches with a very sharp needle. The coloring is made with artist oil color

There is more information how I make my scrimshaw in my book about scrimshaw, titled:

"Scrimshaw, nålgravyr på horn". (Swedish text)


Some other good books that deals with scrimshaw are:

by Steve Paszkiewicz & Roger Schroeder.


by Eva Halat, both in english and german.


Through the years have I made commisioned work for both knifemakers and scrimshawcollectors, in Sweden and other countries.

I have recieved a lot of attention from television, radio, news- and specalistpapers, and I'm very greatful for that.

A page from the book "Scrimshaw" by Paszkiewicz & Schroeder.

I work on commision and You are very welcome to contact me to discuss motives and prices.

I can by reached via e-mail on viveca@scrimart.se.


Vivecas page Scrimshaw gallery 1 gallery 2 gallery 3

Anders page Knifegallery

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